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To be the global standard for ACCURATE, INTELLIGENT

player performance data solutions


Our online player performance database will:

  • Drive on-field performance improvements in the soccer player.​

  • Enhance Talent ID operations of professional soccer clubs & agencies

  • Enhance the services agencies offer current clients

Our bespoke player data profiles will:

  • Allow clubs to have extra data on hand when making a decision on a transfer target

  • Allow agents to strengthen their hand in negotiations on behalf of clients.


  • Access to their individual performance data output on a weekly basis

  • Bespoke packages, allowing players to identify specific metrics, relevant to their game

  • Data presented on a game-by-game basis with metric rankings available as an option


  • Enhance Talent ID operations on specific leagues/targets through our online database, streamlining the early stages of the Talent ID process.

  • Negate some transfer risk elements, leveraging the most accurate & intelligent performance data available on transfer targets.

  • Bespoke data profiles, allowing for further due diligence around a transfer decision.


  • Enhance their own client ID operations by monitoring potential clients using our online database

  • Monitor weekly performances & progress of clients, allowing the user to be in many places at the one time.

  • Our bespoke client data profiles allow agents to have a full profile of their client on hand before negotiating on the client's behalf.

Our profiles allow the agent to more accurately assess:

  1. Their client's value to the suitor club (in transfer negotiations).

  2. Their client's value at their current club (in contract negotiations).

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